TOG value


To ensure that your baby does not get too hot in the bedroom, most manufacturers give their baby products a TOG value. The Thermal Overall Grade' is not required by law, but it is very good to check! A child that gets too hot and suffers from heat build-up runs an increased risk of SIDS. This has been scientifically proven..

So: check whether your baby is not dressed or covered up too warmly!


Take a good look at the clothes your baby is wearing, the type of sleeping bag or blanket, and add up the different TOG values of all parts. Check the temperature in the baby's room, and check the guideline below.

Example: If it is 20 C 22 C in the room, then the total TOG value of everything your baby is wearing and under must not be more than 2.0. 2.0.

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Note: the above is a guideline. Every baby is different and can therefore react differently to the heat of different products. Therefore, check your baby's neck and feet in particular: the skin should not feel clammy or cold.