Try Out Service Terms and Conditions

Fedde&Kees products only work if you use them correctly. That's why you can products Only return it if you meet these 3 conditions:
1. You order the right products based on the advice of Fedde&Kees.
2. You send photos of the made-up NUNKI and/or worn BUNDI.
3. After 1.5 weeks you let us know how things are going and are open to tips and advice.

If we don't hear from you, it is unfortunately not possible to return products. The try out service is really intended for people who want to test whether it works for their child. This takes time, attention and patience..

  • Fedde&Kees relies on proper use of the products. If this is not the case, Fedde&Kees can return the products.
  • We take Only washed products are returned. If you have not washed the products, you will pay an extra 10 euros in expenses..
  • Wash products according to the indicated washing instructions: at 30 degrees, wash with the same colors and do not tumble dry.
  • This try out service is currently only available in the Netherlands. Belgian customers can also participate, but any returns will be at their own expense.
  • The 3 weeks start from the date of receipt, after 3 weeks the try-out period expires and the products are definitively purchased.
  • If the combination of the NUNKI and BUNDI is purchased as a set under the try out Service, only the set may be returned within 3 weeks, i.e. not one of the two products separately.
  • If the products are returned, Fedde&Kees will no longer be able to sell them. These "used" products will not be lost but will be used for physiotherapists, sleep coaches, hospitals and other experts.

    After 3 weeks of trying out, there are 2 options:

    1. You want to keep the products.
    It works for your child and you keep the products. Fine! You don't have to do anything anymore now.

    2. You want to return the products.
    You have followed all the advice, but it still does not work for your child. You send a return request to Fedde&Kees within the try-out period of 3 weeks. You will receive the return instructions by email. As soon as we receive the products, we will refund the purchase amount minus the try-out costs to your account.